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[Explained]Difference between email Migration and email forwarding

Thảo luận trong 'Ứng Dụng - Phần Mềm' bắt đầu bởi hannahbaker, 9/3/22.


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  1. hannahbaker

    hannahbaker admin

    (Nhà tài trợ: cty kiến trúc nhà số 1 tphcm) - Email migration

    It is a procedure where a lot of emails are moved across an email address to another account. In general, it is a process that is necessary when changing your email account . Shoviv also offers Email migration software that transfer the meta-data associated with emails such as labels dates, dates, flags sender, etc. Our tool for migration utilizes the Gmail API and has an average speed of about 10,000 emails per day.

    Email Migration tool explained:-

    BTW In the world of computers, the word "migration" typically refers to "copy" in the same way it means "move." As an instance, " let's migrate our pictures from the desktop computer " doesn't definitely mean that the photos will be removed from computers following the transfer.

    Email forwarding

    Forwarding emails is the process of forwarding emails through your mailbox to another email address. It is utilized for sending messages to CRMs, a colleague, and so on. Forwarding emails will not save meta-data associated with emails (such in the form of labels). Also, it uses Gmail's sending capabilities, which means it can only send 500 emails per day for Gmail accounts with no cost and 2,000 emails per day when you pay for G Suite accounts, per Google daily limits for sending.
  2. hannahbaker

    hannahbaker admin

    If you are looking for a email migration software that easily export your mailboxes into Outlook. Office 365, Exchange server mailboxes.
    These questions will help you prepare for and successfully execute an email migration. It's worth looking into software for an email migration to help you navigate the process. They may prove to be invaluable in the actual migration process.
    Read more: Exchange to Office 365 Migration

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