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5/2/92 (Age: 31)
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admin, 31

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    Sinh nhật:
    5/2/92 (Age: 31)
    Trang chủ:
    Our Product
    Products includes the following:
    1.artificial grass/carpet ,
    2.artificial green wall/hedge,
    3.artificial plant
    4.artificial boxwood panel
    Product Application
    Many commercial property owners are choosing artificial boxwood hedge for retails spaces, office buildings, and even construction sites. Artificial hedge can be quickly installed to obstruct unsightly views, create a privacy barrier or create the illusion of greenery. Artificial hedges are attractive to commercial property owners because they look great and require little maintenance.
    Many bar and restaurant owners are using fake hedge to add texture and greenery to the interiors and exteriors of their locations. The hottest eateries around the world rely heavily on atmosphere and artificial boxwood hedge help create a soothing and echo free atmosphere. Artificial boxwood hedge helps to muffle sound and reduce echoes.

    Production Equipment
    we have the advanced hardware facilities ,strict produtions control process , quality monitoring ,punctual and efficient logistics distribution system .so we have very confident to make good quality and service for our per client。
    Production Market
    Our products are exported to more than 60 countries in America,Europe,Middle East,Africa and Oceania and have created a wide sales network both domestically and internationally.
    Our goal is to do the best quality and serve the best customers!
    Our service
    Our goal is to do the best quality and serve the best customers! There are some freedback about our clients .
    Product Catalog
    1.Artificial boxwood panel
    2.Artificial box hedge
    3.Artificial leaf fence
    4.Artificial garss/carpet (Garden garss ,Sport grass )
    5.Artificial grass ball
    6.Artificial plant wholesale Artificial Ivy Leaves Panels

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