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5/3/85 (Age: 38)
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admin, 38

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    Sinh nhật:
    5/3/85 (Age: 38)
    Trang chủ:
    Our History
    Wuxi Changfu tractor manufacturing company is established in 2005, registered capital of RMB 10.08 million. Our major businesses are manufacturing and selling/exporting agriculture machinery and their related spare parts and fittings.
    Our Factory
    Wuxi is one of the cities in the open coastal economic area of Yangtze River Delta.
    Our Company is located in Donggang Town in the Southeast part of Wuxi.
    Donggang Town is a new satellite city of Wuxi, conveniently located. Within 20km’s distance, we can access Shanghai-Nanjing expressway, Beijing-Shanghai expressway, and Yangtze River riverine expressway and Wuxi airport. It is only 200km to Shanghai Port.
    Our Product
    1. Walking tractor
    DF type walking tractor series: CF121, CF151, CF181
    DF India type walking tractor series: DFAN20/22
    GN type walking tractor series: GN121, GN151
    Steering wheel walking tractor: 18CY
    2.Rotary cultivator
    Matched with walking tractor series: 1GS9L-60, 1GS9L-80, 1GS11L-100
    Crawler rotary cultivator: 1GZ-180, 1GZ-190
    3.Mini tiller
    5.Potato harvester
    Matched with DF type walking tractor: 4UD-60
    Matched with GN type walking tractor: 4UD-60G
    Product Application
    1. Walking tractor:
    The advantages of walking tractor are simple structure, compact, durable and reliable, easy and flexible to operate, large horsepower with light weight, and good mobility. The walking tractor is equipped with seat device; it is suitable for small upland and paddy fields, orchards, gardens, and hills. With corresponding accessories, it can handle the work of plowing, rotary tillage, water rake, harvesting, transportation and other operations. In addition, it can also be used as the driving force for various fixed works in rural areas.
    2.Rotary cultivator:
    This rotary cultivator is powered by 12hp-18hp walking tractor, and used to cultivate the uncultivated land or plow land. People can do the work of rotary tillage and land preparation at the same time with this machine. It is easy to operate and reliable.
    3.Crawler rotary cultivator:
    Crawler rotary cultivator is used to rototilling or ridging on the plow land. It performs field work stably with reliable operation and high efficacy low petrol consumption. The dry soil can be finely crushed, and the paddy field can be made soft and watery, meanwhile, the soil can be leveled very well. This cultivator is widely used in the rice and wheat producing area.
    4.Mini Tiller:
    The mini tiller is powered by the small type of diesel engine. With advantages of light weight, small size, simple structure, the mini tiller is widely used to till and ridging in the paddy field, dry soil, orchard, vegetable field and sugarcane field in flatland, mountainous and hilly regions.
    5.Steering wheel tractor:
    Steering wheel tractor is easy to operate, flexible, safe and reliable. It has good braking
    performance, good climbing ability. It is suitable for narrow, multi-bend and steep slope road. It is an ideal tool for farmland and orchard management and also an ideal tool for short distance transportation in rural areas and mountain areas.
    6.Ditching machine:
    The ditching machine is powered by 12~18 horsepower walking tractor, which has strong applicability, firmness, durability, compactness, flexibility and convenient operation. Suitable for agricultural greenhouses, vegetable field, orchard, flowers and small plots of farmland ditching, ridging and soil loosen etc.
    7.Potato harvester:
    The potato harvester is a new type of machine which is matched with 12 horsepower walking tractor. The machine has the functions of digging, separating and conveying, which can efficiently and rapidly complete the potato digging, soil and tuber separation, stripe laying work. When harvesting, it can achieve low potato damage rate with reliable performance and good mobility. It is also a high efficiency machine at low cost.
    Production Equipment
    Company production equipment:
    Our company has all kinds of machine tools, all kinds of welding equipment, folding machine, shearing machine, air plasma cutting machine, shot blasting machine, assembly line, spraying line, hydraulic press machine, air compressor and so on.
    Production Market
    Product market and achievements:
    In the domestic, our products are mainly sold to the following area, Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hubei, Hunan, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Liaoning, Henan, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai. In the overseas market, our products are sold to Vietnam, Burma, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Ghana and so on.
    Our service
    Pre-sale, sale, after sale service:
    Main content of pre-sale service: Provide free technical consultation for users; introduce the performance of the products, technical conditions, scope of application, quality assurance and so on. We help users to find right products.
    Main content of sale service: When the user make the purchase, our technician will help checking the condition of the product, explain the working principles and safety instruction, and demonstrate how to use the product.
    Main content of after sale service: Customer service is an important work. After sales
    specialist will go to the actual work site to help and guide the user, fixing the problems, checking and maintaining the machine, making sure that our machine can perform high efficiency and quality work. When the work is done, the specialist will also help and guide users how to do regular check, how to stop and store the machine.

    To do a good job in pre-sales, sale, after-sales service, our company has worked out the following four measures:
    1. Choose the right dealer, help dealers to establish a professional team with strong customer service ability, clear responsibilities, standardize service processes, strengthen technical training and establish supervision and evaluation system.
    2. “Training before using” For some machine which has high technology and difficult to operate or adjustment, before putting into use, organize a training session for the product purchasers. The purpose of the training session is to make sure that the end users will understand the structure, understand the working principle, understand the operation procedures, are able to operate, adjustment, maintain and troubleshooting.
    Establish special repair center: based with dealers, company assists training the service engineer to establish special repair center. The center is equipped with repair tools and
    4.spare parts. During the busy season, the canter can provide maintenance service in time to prevent losses. In the off-season, the center helps and guide users to maintain and store the machine to reduce unnecessary losses.
    Establish after-sale follow up system: Store the purchaser’s name, address, purchase time, type, and contact number into our system. Ask for feedback to get the updated usage information of the machine and provide technical service in time, so that, the users will not be worried while purchasing and using the machine. custom Professional Farm Ditcher

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