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4/2/85 (Age: 35)
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admin, 35

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    Sinh nhật:
    4/2/85 (Age: 35)
    Trang chủ:
    Reusable and Durable
    Magnetic ferrule insert magnet is designed to fix embedded parts during precast concrete production.
    Since middle of the 20th century, the precast concrete developed and became the new generation of commercial building material which replaced some traditional site-cast concrete. Due to its advantage in flexibility, economic efficiency and environment friendly, the precast concrete becomes popular in the construction industry. However, it鈥檚 very important to accurately position the embedded parts in the precast concrete elements. The magnetic ferrule insert magnet is specially designed to fix those embedded parts without sliding or slipping to solve the quality and safety concerns. It consists of a ring Neodymium magnet, steel casing and hexagon socket grub. The simple hexagon socket grub makes a simple operation to get back the insert magnet from the precast concrete element. Simple solutions make efficient work possible.
    1.Reusable and durable
    2.Easy to operate
    3.Tight and precise to position
    4.No need of screws, bolts or welding during positing, and then increase service time of steel table
    5.Labor and material cost reduced to improve cost and efficiency
    Why Choose Horizon鈥檚 Magnetic Ferrule Insert Magnet other than Competitors鈥?
    1.Unbeatable know-how in Neodymium magnet, the most important component to ensure quality of insert magnet
    2.Quality first, and to accept terms of payment: 100% payment upon customers鈥?receipt of insert magnet
    3.More sizes available to save tooling cost
    4.Standard sizes in stock and available for immediately delivery
    5.Custom-made solutions available upon request
    6.Listen to customers鈥?concerns and ensure continuous improvement
    Technical Data:
    Part NumberD
    (mm)Maximum Operating Temperature
    HM-IN77-M247773122480Insert Magnet suppliers

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